Welcome to the home of Australia's first mainstream viewed national and international TV hit sensation, QueerTV.  Pandora Box and Matt Taylor host with gay abandon all that's oh so homo in Sydney and around the nation. The drag and the fag delight in chatting with anyone wearing sequins, feathers, tiaras, chaps, straps and flaps for poofs and dykes alike. Aired through Australaia, New Zealand, North America and Europe, QueerTV is beaming through  a multitude of rainbow avenues on the inernet. How 21st century! Gay people, on a gay show schmoosing with the gay community about gay stuff. This is a coming out party on a whole new level.

Australia’s Only Gay TV Show

Download your favourite QueerTV showshttp://www.wasabitv.com.au/QueerTV

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Queer TV Series 2 Thursday Feb 25 at 8pm
Queer TV Marathon 2pm - 5pm Sunday Feb 21

Made on a Mac

Mardi Gras is not just about the parade, it's a 3 week celebration of everything queer. So to get you right into the queer spirit before the parade, join us on Aurora as Queer TV's Pandora Box and LOTL's Amanda and Jillian present the very best queer Aussie short films, documentaries and past parades.
Films include:

Searching For Sandeep
Melbourne Marching Girls Bare All

Just Married
And past Mardi Gras parties with performances from Tina Arena and Natalie Bassingthwaite.

Plus a brand new series of the queerest, most outrageous show in Oz, Queer TV.
If you thought the first series was good then hold on to your hosiery cause you ain't seen nothing yet.

Starts Feb 21

Sundays 8pm
Tuesdays 5.30pm
Thursdays 9.30pm

Queer TV Series 2
Thursday Feb 25 at 8pm

Queer TV Marathon
2pm - 5pm Sunday Feb 21